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Going to Vivienne's bakery was Jeanne's guilty pleasure, all the sweet treats and Vivienne would also surprise her with something new for her to try. While some of the deserts were what you'd find at just about every neighborhood bakery, what this bakery was known for was its special treats. Vivienne had an entire assortment of sugary delights that would not only please your pallet, they could literally change you. Everything from a cookie to make you grow cat eats, to a cinnamon roll that could turn you into a dragon, While Jeanne loved those she had a favorite, chocolate chip inflation cookies.

Jeanne rounded the familiar corner and enter the small shop. She was surprised when she went in though, She was expecting Vivienne but saw Solange at the counter. Her smug grin made Jeanne nervous as she cautiously approached the counter. Solange was a odd creature, a tall hellsune wearing the bakery's signature maid uniform, her tails fluffy lifting the back of her shirt up slightly as her fox ears shook every few moments. Jeanne actually thought Solange was really beautiful, but all the stories about how she would spike girls drinks with various transformation serums making them swell and change out of control made her on edge.

"Vivienne told me to give you this. Don't eat them all at once this time..." Solange joked. Jeanne examined the bag and noticed it was sealed. Maybe Vivienne really did leave those there. As Jeanne pulled out her money Solange held her paw up and told her it was on the house. Jeanne really just wanted to get out of there so he backed up till she was out the door. Solange while beautiful made her just want to run away, at least till Vivienne came back.

Once home Jeanne donned her pajamas and turned on her favorite show. She had already turned into her wereballoon self at this point, a teal latex form which was the result of a curse. It was late and she should be going to bed after such a long day, but she just wanted to relax and maybe take a bite of one of the cookies. Jeanne broke the seal and pulled one out. It smelled so good and looked delicious. Taking her first bite she savored the flavor, but the usual tingling didn't follow instead she felt really tired. A pair of fiery eyes watched her from the corner waiting for the time to strike, the eyes of a certain devious hellsune. Unknown to  Jeanne, Solange could use the shadows to sneak into her home. Solange dives out of the shadows just as Jeanne gets ready to pass out. Solange lifts her limp body with her strong paws and disappears back into the shadows.

Jeanne woke up with blurry vision and a headache. Her body felt limp and unable to move on some sort of bed. The room was dimly lit, suddenly she heard a familiar voice. "Oh good, you're awake. That's going to make this more fun. Sorry I let the air out of you, it makes you easier to carry.". Jeanne panicked she'd been deflated, her body flattened out and laid on the bed like a sheet. "Would you like me to air you back up?" Solange said while toying with one of her valve. She couldn't speak but she was screaming to fill her up this instant in her head. After further teasing she could feel weight upon her flaccid form then something connecting to her valve on her belly. She could feel herself being puffed back up, Solange's thighs straddling her as her body as it filled out like a balloon.

As Jeanne's body returned to normal she felt a strange tingling. "Hey, let go of me you weird psycho hellsune!" Jeanne yelled in frustration. Solange looked upset. "Well, I just wanted to have some fun, but I see now I need to teach you a lesson". Still pinning Jeanne down with her body, Solange leans forward and gets a few items off the bed and apparently turned of the air tank filling her up as the pressure stopped. Jeanne's vision still blurry but they look like a pair of headphones and some sort of oxygen mask. "Weird huh? Psycho huh? I'll show you what's it's like. I'll make you like it". Solange placing the mask and headphones firmly over Jeanne's head. "No, I'm sorry I didn't mean it! Just let me go!" Jeanne pleaded with the strange mask muffling her voice as Solange leaned back over her to turn on a valve.

A strange music started to play making her feel calm. She suddenly just wanted to lay still and listen to the music as her face looked relaxed. "Good, see we can be friends, soon we'll practically be sisters." . In Jeanne's semi lucid state she wondered what the hellsune meant. She didn't have to wonder long as she felt something sprout through her latex hair. It was a pair of hellsune ears, or at least the inflatable latex versions of such. They slowly grew on her head till they were plump and soft looking. Jeanne  Should be pretty freaked out but something about the music being piped into her head phones told her she wanted this, comforting her as she breathed in the strange odorless gas.

It was filling her up with each breath, slowly changing her as Solange sat on top of her thighs as they puffed up. Jeanne began to feel something else strange in the small of her back, the sound of several balloons squeaking against each other as they pushed up her back side and sprouted on the sides of her. Solange giggled with excitement watching her pet transform and inflate before her.

The tails continued to billow out as Jeanne's skins started to shift to more gray than teal. Jeanne held her hands up to her face is awe as they started to inflate into paws. It was so strange to see for her at the same time very exciting. Her body was not only transforming but also becoming very thick looking. Her once thin frame was expanding, her breasts pushed outward against the fabric of her pajamas causing the buttons to grow taut and a canyon of cleavage became visible through the gaps of the fabric. Solange took the opportunity to gauge their growth pressing her paws against the petite chest while it swelled though the alphabet of bra sizes destroying her fragile pajama top.

The slow progress of the gas had taken its effect, now it pushed the limits of the young hellsunes body. Jeanne felt wonderful, the feeling of being both a hellsune and inflating was amazing. She rested her own paws over Solanges as her chest grew plump with air. Jeanne's hips and thighs were quite massive making the formidable Solange look quite small. Her lower body making easy work of what was left of her pajamas leaving the two hellsunes in a naked embrace.

Suddenly the gas changed its preference and Jeanne's belly began to balloon going from quite flat to a slight paunch to looking quite pregnant. Jeanne's paws raced down to feel her belly swell up, spreading out her digits as Solange straddled the growing gray orb. Jeanne was proud of this, of what she had become. She breathed in deeper trying to accelerate the reaction of the gas. Soon her whole body was covering the bed as Solange struggled to stay on.

Before long Jeanne began to round out, her belly spreading and absorbing her torso. The only emotion she was allowed to feel was pleasure it seemed as her body spread out making her arms thicken and stick to her sides. Before long she was bigger than the bed with a very happy Solange looking down at her. Soon her arms, feet and even head were partially absorbed into her giant blimp body.

Jeanne must have blacked out, it's never happened before but she awoke in the morning laying next to a nude dark skinned beauty with fox ears. She had never seen this side of Solange, so wild and exotic but now tranquil and docile as she shifted in her sleep.

Jeanne carefully got out of the massive bed and made her way to the bathroom while naked. On the way she walked by a full length mirror on the wall. Jeanne noticed Something strange about her body, her normally tomboyish features were remarkably...feminine. Her hips seemed wider and thighs fuller while her breasts sat up higher and at least a cup larger. Jeanne's hands wandered over her new developments, her hands running up to her chest and gauging her size. Suddenly a par of dark furred paws shot up and over her hands.

"Admiring the goods huh, I guess that's ok. You're not used to lasting effects normally"

Solange embraced her from behind guiding Jeanne into the bathroom as she began to brush her teeth. Jeanne blushed as she felt Solange's warm breasts pushed into her back as she stood over her.

"What happened last night? I don't remember any of it. How did I get here? Did we..." Jeanne was very confused by all of this, not in an alarmed sort of way but thinking of it as a happy little accident.

"You came to the bakery and I invited you back to my place after I closed up. We had a little fun and you said you wanted to become a hellsune and here we are." Solange spoke casually between strokes of her tooth brush. The idea that Jeanne came willingly to Solange's place is unlikely but whatever happened had changed Jeanne into Solange's puppet.

After freshening up Solange took a shower and got dressed. Not her uniform but a sort of witch aesthetic with a short dress and thigh highs.

From there Solange seemed to act without articulating what she was doing, going from room to room without really saying a word as Jeanne awkwardly tried to find something to wear. Solange as if telepathic came into the room and tossed her a pile of clothes. A crop top, pantie, shorts, fishnets, Doc martin boots, and a leather jacket with a "Hell Fox" in cartoonish letters on the back. "Here you go, I sort of outgrew these, maybe you will too." Solange said with a smug grin.

Jeanne quickly put on her new outfit. It was a little big but it actually looked really cute, a sort of goth, or punk look. She didn't know but she liked it, and she liked her new mistress Solange. Jeanne had no idea what she was in for.
Jeanne's addiction
This is part one of a story featuring :iconastralantipode: 's Jeanne OC, she is normally a shy girl who is cursed to be a wereballoon.
Long time no see....I know ice been really busy.

I know everyone has seen this wonderful MMD inflation animation.…

I really want to commission a model of my OC

that can be inflated in MMD. If anyone has any suggestions post here.
Looking for someone to make a custom MMD model of
Just looking to commission a MMD model of me.
Long time no see....I know ice been really busy.

I know everyone has seen this wonderful MMD inflation animation.…

I really want to commission a model of my OC

that can be inflated in MMD. If anyone has any suggestions post here.


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